Grassfire's "I Back Phil" Survey

Following the stunning grassroots victory over A&E and their efforts to punish Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for sharing his personal views on sexuality, Grassfire is asking those who took part in that effort to complete a brief survey. Please share your thoughts below and help Grassfire better understand how to serve you moving forward. Thank you.

1. Are you a registered voter?

2. If yes, which do you most closely identify as? 

3. Do you consider yourself a person of faith? 

4. Based on your recent actions with Grassfire are you likely to be involved moving forward? 

5. Which of these issues, if any, are important to you? (Select all that apply.) 
  Economic issues – Jobs, taxes, etc.
  Cultural issues – Abortion, gay marriage, assaults on your constitutional rights, etc.
  International concerns – Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.

6. Which of these areas of interest, if any, are important to you? (Select all that apply.) 
  Free-Speech Rights
  Gun Rights
  Impeaching President Obama
  Religious Freedom
  Repealing ObamaCare
  Supreme Court/Judicial Tyranny
  IRS/Privacy Concerns
  Immigration Reform
  Food Stamp Reform

7. Which of the following methods do you use to watch TV, movies and other video media? (Select all that apply.) 
  Cable or Satellite TV
  Broadcast TV
  Blaze TV
  Apple TV

8. Would you be willing to pay a small monthly fee to subscribe to a new online TV network with programs similar to Duck Dynasty, but without Hollywood influence and propaganda? 
  Depends on Shows/Content Offered

* indicates required

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