Grassfire Examines The Case To Impeach President Obama

Hearing after hearing and fact after fact slowly but steadily undermine the President's moral and political authority to carry out his agenda and lead this nation. With multiple scandals raging on Capitol Hill, Grassfire founder and president Steve Elliott examines whether a case based on constitutional, historical and factual evidence can be built for the impeachment of Barack Obama.

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Grassfire is empowering millions of conservatives to REPORT TRUTH and TAKE ACTION™ as we work together to restore our nation. When you help Grassfire build with a contribution of any amount, we'll send you two copies of The Case To Impeach. This new, thought-provoking resource looks at whether the American people have legitimate cause to impeach our 44th president.

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Inside the pages of The Case To Impeach is a message that every grassroots patriot needs to read. It's time for America to understand the true threat that an "imperial president" poses to our liberty and way of life. If you contribute $30 or more to help Grassfire build, we'll send you 10 copies of The Case To Impeach to share with your family and friends. Simply complete the form below to request your copies. For bulk orders, click here.



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